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    2 replies on “Contact David

    • Sandra Mallie

      So he came to you too………………He came to me this spring, and just smiled, cause he knew I knew who he was! He has a beautiful smile doesn’t he!

      • Ellen

        Hi Sandra,
        That is cool, I don’t even know you yet we both share a similar experience, thanks for sharing! Have you heard of Henri Nouwen? He is another deceased saint who encourages me through his writings and a recent devotional I read of his said this:

        “Belonging to the communion of saints means being connected with all people transformed by the Spirit of Jesus. This connections is deep and intimate. Those who have lived as brothers and sisters of Jesus continue to live within us, even though they have died, just as Jesus continues to live within us, even though he has died. We live our lives in memory of Jesus and the saints, and this memory is a real presence. Jesus and his saints are part of our most intimate and spiritual knowledge of God. They inspire us, guide us, encourage us, and give us hope. They are the source of our constant transformation. Yes, we carry them in our bodies and thus keep t hem alive for all with whom we live and work.”

        I love that as I was encouraged and given hope by the message God gave me delivered by Rich. Sounds like you were too!

        God Bless.

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