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  • Marie


    Long story but due to a rare medical issue I ended up with debt and sold condo I had for 7 years. Last summer I lived out of vehicle since I live in an area as well as a climate that allowed to me to do so. I still felt that I had a lot compare to people in other parts of the world. I definitely have had my moments and have been hurt by the church that sometimes I find some non-Christians to be more kind and loving than Christians. Anyways this past winter I had someone comment if I was living indoors with a roof over my head. My comment was I always had a roof over my head but it just happen to be a moving vehicle. I don’t know if they were amused with my comment but it’s all a matter of perspective. Somehow I think Rich would get a kick out of that comment. There appear to be very few people in the world that are real and genuine.

  • Dennis

    When God called me, he called me to live a life experiencing how much he loved me. I did. I was overwhelmed and overflowed with the Holy Spirit. Many thought I was crazy. Called into full time ministry, or so I thought, I increasingly have been discouraged by a performance culture in the church. Where are the hearts that truly would do anything to be in His presence? Church culture was something I was able to perform well at but I knew that is not grace. Sent to revitalize and help revision a different tomorrow, I always have left with an emptiness inside for what really could be. My heart aches because I know through the silence with God how abundant life really is, it is the fullness of life. Nothing else matters really. Still I long to be in communion with others in community defined by this. Rich has been a signmarker that this community and communion IS the only thing that matters.

  • jo

    Dear David,

    Thank you for all you do to help others. I am just beginning to learn about Kid Brothers of St. Frank although I remember hearing about the group years ago, shortly after Rich died. I didn’t even really “discover” Rich’s music until he died, and that is so like me: a day late and a dollar short. I’m so glad that God can use people who don’t have it all together.

    The words Rich wrote have had a profound effect on me, and they continue to do so the more songs I find, listen to, and read. This is why I am writing to you. There are no books with Rich’s lyrics. I mean, there are no books that have all the lyrics. Is it possible that one will be published? I think it would be perfect for reading as a devotional, poetry, or any time that someone is alone with God. I would certainly buy one, in fact, I would most likely buy more than one to give as gifts. His words help me grow.

    I just found the book “Home” and bought a used copy. I didn’t know about this website (KBoSF) until I bought the book. I am beginning to pray about the things I read here and my involvement with KBoSF.

    I can’t believe it has been 17 years since Rich died. It still seems like yesterday when I listen to his music or read the things he wrote.

    I am so grateful that you and so many others allow the Lord to work through you. I hope He is using me to in some way.

    God bless you all and keep you always.


  • Ellen

    I just wanted to share with you how your brother Rich has touched me in such profound ways recently. God brought his music and life story back into my life this past spring by listening to a Third Day cd in my car wherein they mention “the late great Rich Mullins”. I listened to his music back in the 90′s but forgot all about him and his music until this recent incident. Since the late 90′s I’ve lived life, been broken like so many of us have and his message of God’s love has encouraged me so much. My sister had just watched the Ragamuffin movie and told me about it. Rich even appeared in my dream this past summer where I reached out to shake his hand and he pulled me towards him and said “I like you, don’t feel rejected anymore, God loves you so much and I’m here to show and tell you that.”

    So, Rich is still alive and well and ministering God’s love from the other side. Wow, what a great God we have and what miraculous ways He will deliver His message of love through the small details of our lives. I wish I had known Rich as there were so many similarities between us after seeing the movie and reading An Arrow Pointing to Heaven.

    My heart so wanted to share that with you, thank you for reading!.

    God Bless,


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