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Diamond Willow Ministries (DWM) is a 501c3 non-profit Christian relief organization (all contributions to this ministry are tax deductible) comprised of members brought together by a common vision. God has worked in wonderful ways to bring together our varied group of individuals, who are compelled to love and serve here with our unique talents. We are comprised of Dakota, Lakota, and non-Indians, most of whom work and live here on the Crow Creek Reservation. We however, are only one part of the DWM team. The great things happening here are also the result of those from around the world who see the need, share the vision, and contribute through giving financially and through prayer.

DWM is not a part of any denominational system, but it is associated with and supported by independent congregations which are generally called Christian Churches or Churches of Christ. These churches call all Christians to unite behind the practices and teachings of the church described in the New Testament as a means of more effectively evangelizing the world.

One reply on “Ministry Partners

  • Jolea

    The Word says, “It is appointed once for man to die…”
    Rich had an appointment.

    The Lord knew from the beginning of time when and how each of us will die, and He does indeed teach us to “number our days.” But let us be careful not to insert or own reasoning to try and understand God’s ways.

    Let the Light of Christ in us shine before men that they may see the good works that we do and bring Glory to God

    and let us trust Him to bring Glory through our death as He has surely multiplied the ministry of one man in the hearts of many

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