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DWM_SmallDiamond Willow Ministries (DWM) is a 501c3 non-profit Christian relief organization (all contributions to this ministry are tax deductible) comprised of members brought together by a common vision. God has worked in wonderful ways to bring together our varied group of individuals, who are compelled to love and serve here with our unique talents. We are comprised of Dakota, Lakota, and non-Indians, most of whom work and live here on the Crow Creek Reservation. We however, are only one part of the DWM team. The great things happening here are also the result of those from around the world who see the need, share the vision, and contribute through giving financially and through prayer.

DWM is not a part of any denominational system, but it is associated with and supported by independent congregations which are generally called Christian Churches or Churches of Christ. These churches call all Christians to unite behind the practices and teachings of the church described in the New Testament as a means of more effectively evangelizing the world.

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20 replies on “Ministry Partners

  • craig hutton

    Just wanted to say thank you really. As a young man growing up and loosing my mum to the troubles in northern ireland i never thought that God could quite forgive and love someone as rough as me. I started listening and learning from people like Rich and Brennan and by the grace of God we got signed to a UK Christian record label last year. So really this is a thank you, for continuing the work that helped me find myself in the true Christ and show that even someone like me can be transformed by the grace of an ever present God.

    Lots of love, your friend and brother in Christ
    Craig Hutton

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  • Chris

    I was born and raised in the UK in a small farming town and became a Christian at seventeen, over forty years ago! When I visited the USA and married an American girl, I discovered Rich’s sweet music. Until I watched the Ragamuffin movie this weekend (Oct. 2014), I never realized or had a clue that Rich was so troubled and hurting as he sought to love his Lord and Savior and walk in God’s ways, yet we always knew he was anointed. As a former worship leader, I often sang Awesome God and Step by Step and to be honest Rich is probably one of my favorite all-time Christian singers alongside Keith Green. Hey, they are both singing for the Lord in heaven now!

  • David G. Morgan

    I’ve known the music. Through the movie, now I know more about the song writer. I, too, am from Indiana. For the last 6 years, I’ve been teaching here in Pinon, AZ – the geographical center of the Navajo Nation. We have great kids. They yearn for an identity – apart from what the government continues to push them towards. Our kids love to sing gospel music in our small, rural church. Our needs are small – our God great! God bless!

  • Keith

    I remember many car trips through the 90’s playing Rich’s music over and over – my children were weaned on his beautiful lyrics. I was weaned on his lyrics, too. His words still continue to draw me into God’s love. I just saw Ragamuffin last weekend – some parts were hard to watch and others brought back many good feelings of things I always thought I knew about his life. I was glad the movie portrayed Rich as a “ragamuffin” and not as a Christian “superstar,” even though to me, that’s what he was. I’m glad for this ministry and that his legacy continues.

  • jon

    I just saw Raggamufffin last week and it has brought me to reevaluate my life. I’ve been a Christian since I gave my life to Jesus age 10, struggled with many problems, yet can still all God my anchor in the storm, my firm foundation and loving father. I need to pay more attention to him. I grew up in Gallup NM and I pray that God continue his wild spirit working in that area, it is sacred to me and the surrounding reservation lands, though they are incredibly beautiful, many people there are in need of a loving savior who knows them even before they were born, who loves them for who they are, who has such beauty in his creation and he inspires beautiful culture and is not a destroyer of culture. I believe Rich probably felt the same way and I’m thankful that he felt such a powerful love and need to serve broken hearts on the Reservation! God thankyou for Rich!

  • Berenice

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  • Kathy Pulliam

    I saw the movie Raggamuffin on Netflix just recently. It was very moving since many of my family members struggle as Rich did with finding love and acceptance from their earthly father. I felt like I was watching my son’s life story unfold before my eyes. A deeper desire to understand better what my son is dealing with instead of shaking my head at the things he does. Thanks for making this movie the way you did. I think it has changed me more into a Raggamuffin for God than ever before.

  • Claude

    Just Divorced and hung out with the garbage, in 1992 a friend gave me a tape with Rich’s “Sometimes By Step” and other “prayer” songs. That tape I played over and over for hours in my loneliness and loss. In the years since Father rescued me time and again from my own falls, and my second wife went away from this earth not long ago.

    Assessing things, I returned to Rich’s beautiful Brothertship in Y’suah, and here I am. more humbled, and more aware of Father’s saving Grace. I so wish Rich and others with Heavenly passion would pay heed to health, and forget fans and appointments. This earthly life is so fragile we need to listen to the body Father provides us and when it says “STOP!,” pay heed and rest. Father Himself gives us this liberty to Rest on purpose. His Creation Word was stilled the evening of the Seventh Day, the Shabbat, recorded by Moshe’, and translated in English wrongly as the evening of the 6th day. Remember, Father counts Day as beginning in the evening!

    So, Rich and all others aspiring to feed fans, STOP! when your body tells you to! Had Rich listened, his ministry would be alive today. Like the Irish fishermen, he goofed, and his disfigured remains washed ashore, with the sweater Y’suah made for him.

    Let’s be Live Warriors for Y’suah. Out lack of listening causes Him great sadness. Do we desire to face Him with our fatal mistake as the cause?

    • Jolea

      The Word says, “It is appointed once for man to die…”
      Rich had an appointment.

      The Lord knew from the beginning of time when and how each of us will die, and He does indeed teach us to “number our days.” But let us be careful not to insert or own reasoning to try and understand God’s ways.

      Let the Light of Christ in us shine before men that they may see the good works that we do and bring Glory to God

      and let us trust Him to bring Glory through our death as He has surely multiplied the ministry of one man in the hearts of many

  • David O. Daulton

    Thanks’ for everything you folks are doing, and are going to do! Please give me a call at: 262-886-2824.

  • Teresa Whalen-king

    I just want to say that I first listen to rich mullins awsome God at church sitting in the back row thinking what was doing there the words of that song moved so much I went home to find it on the computer and started to listen to everything I could find on rich mullins. He brought me closer to God. I didnt know him but c

  • Joel Wilson

    Was an employee at NavPress when Brennan Manning was writing Abba’s Child and I was first exposed to the Ragamuffin Gospel. The Lord gave me a dream about a Ragamuffin community who played Rag ball and were legalistically building a dam keeping the water of their lake for themselves. It was exactly what I needed from the Lord as I was a beat up discouraged tent maker youth pastor at the time who had been recently reprimanded for showing my boys Brave Heart, the early message of Wild at Heart, which was needed for every male. I had been the truck driver taking the NavPress books to the second Promise Keeper’s conference in Boulder and was absolutely broken hearing Coach Mac’s heart for everyone who was accusing him of hate. When later working at Compassion International, Rich passed away and the heart for U.S. poverty ministry seemed to disappear with him, except for a passion the Lord had given me for the Navajo at Immanuel Mission. The following summer my church did our first mission’s trip to Teec Nos Pos, AZ trying to fill the gap of the lost funds they had been receiving through Compassion. Again the Lord planted the Ragamuffin dream in my heart and would confirm it by a believer in Brazil, during the 2014 World Cup, and then at YWAM COS by a special speaker who had traveled here from Africa. Have you ever been told a dream multiple times by people living in poverty in technicolor detail who told you they were suppose to share the dream they had the night before with you. Both times the dream was exactly the same dream you had years before after reading the back cover of the Ragamuffin Gospel and going to bed. The key phrase which was read in the cave of Scripture after being flooded by the dam break was “My provisions are perceptual.” The lake which the community of Ragamuffins were so diligently trying to keep for themselves was meant to flow down stream to other communities, because beneath the lake was a Spring which would meet their daily needs.

  • dea

    It would be wonderful if you could make available a digital version of the concert in Lufkin, Texas. I am sure the DVD would take a long time to get to Romania, Europe. Please, please make it available digital. It is such a wonderful concert and it would be sad if people would not be able to see it… Many thanks, greetings

  • Ghost of Rich Mullins

    You disgrace the name of Rich Mullins. This was available to people on YouTube for free but you in your greed made a copyright infringement claim to have it removed.
    Shame on you and your greed.

  • Calm Down Guy

    1 – You can’t save people by arguing in the comments.
    2 – Families of the production are employees and employees deserve to be paid a living wage….even Real Rich would have agreed with that point.
    3 – But since you want to be chinsy: It is available free of charge anywhere FilmRise distribution has a channel (amazon, vizio smart cast, pluto, filmrise, etc.)

  • Pastor Richard ongoro

    Greetings in Jesus Name our Lord and savior the soon coming King.
    I am very much impressed to discover your ministry and your excellent teachings of Jesus Christ that you provide to your saints for effective and comprehensive Christian faith- based. And on behalf of our Bible study group I send a prayer request to consider us of receiving your teachings and welcoming you to visit us as well as conduct a seminar in our church here Africa Kenya when His right time. We are a small Bible study group that is interesting on spreading the truth from the Bible to unreached again do reach house to house to the widows and needy children also we raise 11 chickens as project that supports us to meet some of the needs of those we meet. We need a spiritual leader and guidance for the Spiritual growth as it is written in the Bible. We do meet and share the word of God from the Bible.
    Will be happy to read from you when the Lord our father allows you! Welcome!!
    God bless you,

    Yours Pastor Richard Ongoro,

    My WhatsApp number +254729273033


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