Why “Walking Stick Retreats”? What does the name mean?

A walking stick helps a walker or climber when the road gets too long or the climb gets too steep. It is our hope that by attending a Walking Stick Retreat you might receive tools to help you along the way by experiencing teaching, worship, artistic expression, small groups and on-line communication within the confines of a caring community and the beauty of nature. Those, however are just tools. We hope that the time away from your daily world will provide you with a fresh perspective on your walk and a deeper understanding of Who always walks with you.

 What is the cost of a Walking Stick Retreat?

The cost of the retreat is $250, but we have a special cost for first-time guests of $200 if you have never been to a retreat before (just email us at for a special rate code). These prices include pre-retreat community (to be explained below), all teaching and programs during the retreat, lodging at the camp and six meals.

How do I register for a Walking Stick retreat?

Right here! Go to the picture of the retreat you plan to attend and click on “add to cart.” You will need to pay with a major credit or debit card. You do not have to have a pay pal account to register and pay for the retreat.

 Can I get a refund if I decide not to come after all?

Because of limited space with our reservations, refunds will not be possible.

 What do I need to bring to the retreat?

You will need to bring BEDDING, TOWELS and toiletries, plus a Bible, notebook/pen (if you’re a note taking kinda person), camera and dorm snacks are always nice. Please note that since we are at camps away from large cities, cell and internet access is often limited.

 Where will we be staying?

You will be staying in assigned cabins in dorm-style living, so first come first served for the best bed.

Can I decide who I’m staying with?

We will be assigning cabins, but you may request one roommate. If you are going in a group of 10 or more, we will work to put you together.

Can my spouse and I share a room?

All facilities are dorm-style living and are separated into men and women exclusive quarters, so there are no facilities for married housing.

When can I arrive?

Registration begins at 8 am Friday morning of the event dates. If you wish to arrive earlier or stay late on Sunday, please make separate arrangements. Some of the camps are willing to provide lodging Thursday night for a fee. Please work that out with each location’s camp directors.

Do you have any special rates for people wanting to attend only part of the retreat?

We are not offering individual day rates. The retreat is designed in a way that the teachings and small groups build on each other as the weekend progresses. To get the most from the retreat, being there from start to finish is best.

Is this open to kids?

Because of the rather intense nature of the subjects discussed in the teachings and shared in the triads, we have limited the retreat to those 18 and older.

Is there wheelchair access?

We cannot guarantee wheelchair access at any location. If you have special needs, please contact the local camp director with your questions.

Special dietary issues?

Again, a local camp director question.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, you will be asked to sign a standard liability waiver during registration.

Can I pay by check instead?

Yes, you can pay by check if you want. Please send check payable to “David Mullins” at:
218 Alpine Trail
Kingsport, TN 37663

 Ok, I’m in! What is my next step?

First, get registered! Then, tell all your friends about it and ask them to join you. Three weeks before your retreat, you will receive an invitation to our pre-retreat community private facebook room. We will open a private facebook room where you can get to know other participants, hear their stories of faith and start to build a caring community before you even pick out your bunk at the camp. The leadership team will post devotionals and daily questions to encourage you. We have found it to be such a wonderful sight at registration on Friday mornings to watch people seek out their new friends instead of dreading all of the introduction activities. Each of our earlier four retreats still has a post-retreat facebook page where they keep active in each other’s lives. You need only be as involved in this as you choose to be, but we hope you will at least stop by and introduce yourself before your retreat.

Okay, that’s it! We are looking forward to this retreat season with great anticipation. Any further questions can be posted in the Walking Stick Retreats facebook room.