Walking Stick Retreats


The theme for our Fall 2018 retreat is “More than a Moment”.

There are so many things in our faith walks that can tend to shrink to moments. We often can become ‘box checkers’ that take huge parts of our faith and turn them into a box to check off that we did it. Even our retreats can become just a moment. How do we live in such a way that we move beyond moments and find a growing active faith throughout our lives? It is our hope that you will be able to join us as we all look for ways to grow that are “More than a Moment”.



What Are People Saying About Walking Stick Retreats?

“I thought I was too far away from God to ever be able to come back and to be loved by Abba. The retreat showed me how much God loved me and changed my life so much.”

– William 34


“The retreat was a safe place for me to go deep and deal with issues in my heart, to be silent yet seen. I stopped often. Just stopped and listened. Stopped with myself and God. And there was no expectation of forced words or forced joining. It was sweet. The vulnerability of the speakers was quiet encouragement to turn and face God and know I was really loved and surrender to it.”

—Tess, 29

“Through each amazing speaker God gave me another piece to the puzzle, just what I needed when I didn’t even know it. These pieces along with the personal devotion time & the new friendships revealed God’s presence in my life, healing of my past, & hope for the future as my relationship with Him was nurtured.”

—Richie, 37