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  • Sandy Johnson

    I am 35 days in recovery and this movie gave me more hope and I believe his message of Gods love a friend said sometimes our hearts have to be totally broken to let the love in and my God is a loving forgiving God and the life of Rich will not be forgotten and had a profound effect on me thank you so much

  • Richard Wayne Smith

    I am exactly 6 months younger than Rich, and found it interesting that are first two names are the same. I have followed much of Rich’s songs and some parts of his life history, from what I could tell from videos and albums. But the movie has given new insight to me about him. It has recharged me back into music, and hopefully I will again play for God, and not my peers. I have been a worship leader off and on for many years. We have recent.y played at small home churches due to leaving our church from a rift, that left many hurt and divided. But God prevails and I am inspired once again to worship. Also, my life has been running amuck, and this movie reminded me, once again, of the limitless times we can go to God for help. It is not a one time “altercall” that brings us closer to God, it’s the lifetime “daily calls” that build us into who God wants us to be.

    Thank you for making this movie! My wife and I wept at the end, knowing now there is a new beginning for us, and for many who still need to hear the LOVE OF GOD.

    Rich Smith
    Lompoc, Ca

  • Phatang

    / A couple of thohguts After just having read the Facebook page, I was appalled at the hate and intolerance that I perceived on “the Left”. The bakery owner is standing for his principles. Of course the gay couple did not approve because they were too insecure to understand that this was simply the baker’s oppinion and had nothing to do with “gay rights”. They can be gay and he does not have to put two men on a cake if it feels like a violation of his principles. I am angered and saddened by the ignorance, hate and selfishness that I see in these people. Now as to the people on THIS SITE (and you know who you are) that are spewing the same kind of ignorant crap shame on you, you holier than thou hypocrites. This is about a PRINCIPLE and the bakery owner’s right to stand by his. You people that are taking up space on this site to bash gays are EQUALLY AS IGNORANT. News Flash: it’s not about gays. It’s about human beings having the right to live by their principles. Period. When you bring your own ignorance and hate into the mix, you are part of the PROBLEM, not the solution.

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  • http://www./

    Gratulerer med både det kommende bok og din fødselsdag! Håper du får en kjempefin dag, og at det nye året bringer like mye inspirasjon fra din hånd og din blogg som det gamle har gjort. Takk for det:)

  • Anna Asher

    Thank you for making this movie; Ragamuffin! I’m moved to the core and so grateful! Consequently, I am reading The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning for the first time. It’s all like finding clear, cool water in the desert. Is there a soundtrack available? Michael Koch did an amazing job. Is it possible for him and A Ragamuffin Band to record a studio version of the entire Jesus Album with the same depth and emotion he employed in his portrayal of Rich Mullins? Would you consider producing an album like that?
    There is a cd of the album Songs in the player in my car. It has been there for two years. My granddaughter and I never get tired of it and we don’t want to listen to anything else. Thank you for giving us more of Rich Mullins through this movie! Thank you for introducing me to the words of Brennan Manning and, as a consequence, a new life in Christ. Thank you!


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