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1.) My download stopped, how do I restart it?

If for whatever reason your download does not finish, whether because the internet went out, etc, please start with the following options.

Option A (preferred)- Restart the download in your Browser

Click the restart/continue button in the downloads window of your browser. This is preferred as many times it will continue where you left off. Also, your purchase is limited to 5 downloads and this won’t effect the total number.

Firefox users

Simply click on the downloads button on your browser toolbar, then click the circular arrow (circled red in the image) to continue the download. You can also get to a downloads list through your menus by selecting “Tools>Downloads” at the top of your screen.


SAFARI users

Simply click on the downloads button on the right side of your browser toolbar, then click the circular arrow (circled red in the image) to continue the download. You can also get to this using your menu options by selecting “View>Show Downloads” at the top of your screen.


 Option B РClick on the Email Link.

You are allowed 5 downloads of the digital content. So you can restart a new download by clicking the link that was emailed to you at the time of purchase. This will count against your allotted downloads every time you click this link.

Please contact us at if you continue to have problems.

2.) Can I just view this online instead of downloading the file?

No, at this time we do not offer a streaming option.

3.) I don’t have a credit card or PayPal account. Can I pay by check or money order?

Yes. Print off and fill out the form below. Send it and your check to Kid Brothers. No orders will be filled until payment has been recieved.

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    5 replies on “Technical Support

    • Lee Bartholomew

      Was sort of hoping (mom’s ordering it but I do the online stuff. She’s learning and quite good at ordering books) that it not be from Walmart or Amazon. Although I’d prefer Walmart over Amazon and probably pay extra but any way of ordering (pre) from you? Think she got the videotape back in the day off the site. Because we know Kid Brothers more than any other site. Only two singers that ever got my ears though in Christian music. Rich Mullins which my old church sang for Christimas 89 and Randy Thompson who doesn’t , he’s non profit and always gets mixed up for another Randy. but Randy is from AZ

    • Ken Lloyd

      I am trying to burn the download MP4 file to a dvd and the pinnacle software wants me to buy an add on to handle the encryption. My wife really has a hard time sitting in front of the laptop and watching a 2 hour movie. I’d like to be able to watch this as a family. I would try windows movie maker but my internal dvd burner isn’t dual layer and I can’t seem to redirect the movie maker to my external HP dvd dual layer burner. I’ve emailed Robin asking about this as well. I’d like to pay the difference to get the DVD if there isn’t another option.

      Thank you,


    • Ken Lloyd

      OH and also, the DVD link in the shop section is broken, 404 error. The all products works and takes you to the dvds though.


    • Clay Zambo

      I’d like to program Rich’s song “Step By Step” with a youth choir in my diocese, but I can’t find a commercial arrangement of it. Do you know if one exists, or who I might contact to secure permission to make an arrangement myself?

    • Dick de Wit

      Dear people of Kid Brothers,

      Is it possible to send CD/DVD to the Netherlands ? I have a creditcard.

      Dick de Wit, Alblasserdam Holland


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